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The subsidiary protection

The subsidiary protection

The subsidiary protection is recognized in the presence of personal serious damage.

In order to recognize subsidiary protection,serious damage is considered as: 
a) death sentence or execution of death sentence;

b) torture or other types of punishment, inhuman or demeaning behaviour to the detritment of the applicant in his/her Country of origin;

c) serious individual threats to the life of a civilian resulting from indiscriminating violence in situations of inland or international armed conflict.

The recognition of subsidiary protection allows: 

- the issuing of a permit of stay for subsidiary protection for 3 years;

- the issuing of a travel document for those who cannot apply for it to their own Embassy for travelling abroad;

- to reunite the family, or do a cohesion, on the basis of requirements previewed by the law, but with facilities with regard to the documents certifying family relationship;

- access to occupation;

- access to education;

- health and social care (civil disability, accompaniment benefit, maternity benefit) equal to Italian citizens.